Tree 14

Tilia tomentosa ‘Green Mountain’

The Silver Linden (Tilia tomentosa) is native to Europe. Its leaves are dark green above and fuzzy silver underneath, creating a shimmering effect when the wind blows. It is a broad symmetric tree that can grow to 45 feet tall, with a mature spread of 35 feet. It is well adapted to urban environments as it is drought and pollution tolerant, once established. The genus name comes from the Latin name for Linden or lime tree, Tilia. In southern Sweden it is known as the linn or lind tree and was the origin of the family name Linnaeus. The common name “basswood” is derived from bastwood, a reference to the tough inner bark (the bast) which was used to make rope and mats.

Green Mountain’ Silver Linden is a beautiful shade tree, with an upright oval shape when young, becoming more rounded with age. This tree has the same disease resistance as the species. As a result, it makes a handsome street tree or specimen shade tree. Tilia tomentosa ‘Green Mountain’ blooms in midsummer, producing numerous fragrant pale green flowers that are very attractive to bees and pollinators. Flowers are followed by small nutlets attached to narrow, bract-like, strap-shaped leafy wings (to 2.5″ long). Silver Lindens have excellent tolerance of urban conditions, and good resistance to Japanese beetles and aphids. Introduced by William Flemer III.