Tree 8

Ilex opaca ‘Princeton Gold’

Princeton Gold’ American holly is a female, broadleaf evergreen tree growing 15-20′ tall by 10-12′ wide with glossy, dark olive-green, spiny leaves. This selection has good, dark green winter color. In the presence of a suitable male pollinator, the tree develops bright yellow berries which persist into winter. Berries of typical American holly are red, but Princeton Gold has yellow berries that are eaten by robins and cedar waxwings. This tree was planted in honor of David Paulovic,who worked as a plant propagator with Princeton Nurseries of Kingston, NJ for 25 years. Here, Dave’s wife Judy participates in the planting in 2013.

Easily grown in average moist, acidic, well-drained soils in full sun to part shade. Leaves may yellow in alkaline soils. Avoid poorly drained soils as the tree will not tolerate flooding or soils saturated with moisture. Part afternoon shade is best in hot summer climates, but the foliage gets “leggy” in too much shade.