Princeton Nurseries Propagation House and Warehouses

Members of the Cranbury Digital Camera Club gathered on March 30, 2017 to artistically document the neglected warehouses of the former Princeton Nurseries’ Kingston site. It is hoped that, photogenic as they are in their decay, they will be restored to new purposes. (For more on that, please go to the RFEI link.) We thank the photographers for the generous sharing of their spectacular work, for their enthusiasm, and for their support of FPNL.

IMPORTANT: To view the slideshow full screen (as it should be seen!) with attributing captions, click on the first photo and then arrow right to see all subsequent images, rather than use the “see slideshow” link. Follow the same process to see the three photos on page 2, especially the great group portrait!  Captions are by Tari Pantaleo.