FPNL was awarded a grant from the Federal Recreational Trails Grant Program, to fund the installation of a Clivus Multrum composting toilet, the design and installation of a trailhead map, and improvements to the parking areas at the D&R Canal State Park Headquarters/Mapleton Preserve.

We are pleased to announce that as of Spring 2012, the Clivus Multrum is open for business! Please click on the drop down link for “Clivus Multrum” to learn more about this new facility and to view photos–and even a video–of its installation.

The planned trailhead map will highlight the many trails and trail connections present at the Preserve, including two trails to the nearby D&R Canal, and two trails to the Cook Preserve and Rail Trail.  FPNL has already prepared a trail map for the Mapleton Preserve and installed a map box, but we often find the box empty due to the growing popularity of the site.  A permanent map will overcome this problem.

Restoration of the Propagation House: South Brunswick Township’s Historic Preservation Commission was granted $290,000 from the New Jersey Historic Trust to begin plans for restoration work on the Propagation House, the historic heart of Princeton Nurseries.  The architectural firm of Watson & Henry Associates has submitted a proposal (currently under review) for stabilization of the Propagation House and restoration of one of the greenhouses. Watson and Henry Associates also recently completed a Preservation Plan for the entire Propagation House Complex; South Brunswick Township obtained funding for the plan from Middlesex County.