Annual Meeting 2010


The Ancient Forest -Native Plants of the Sourlands

The boulder-strewn ridge of the Sourland Mountain avoided severe disturbance during the colonial period. It continues to be a sparsely settled remnant retaining the ancient forest plant and animal communities of our region. The presentation by Jared Rosenbaum explored the  wildflowers, ferns and woody plants of the Sourlands, with discussion of the area’s unique history and ecology.

About the speaker: Jared Rosenbaum lives on the Sourland Mountain ridge, deep in a forest he cherishes for its intricacy, beauty and power to teach.

Maple Leaf Viburnum

An Associate Director of Stewardship at D&R Greenway Land Trust,  Jared joined the D&R Greenways Land Trust staff in 2007 after serving as a volunteer land steward for D&R Greenway for several years. This organization has preserved over 14,000 acres  of open space in New Jersey. He is the guiding force behind their new Native Plant Nursery (, which is dedicated to restoring a rich diversity of native flora to the local landscape.

In addition, he and his wife Rachel Mackow produce a blog that contains photographic and written observations of the wilderness of New Jersey’s Sourland Mountain region (, including native plant lore, wildlife sightings, and thoughts about stewardship of our natural landscapes.